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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Brent Swain View Post
Oh yes. I asked the owner of that immaculate Passport 47 how much he paid for her. He said $37K. How does that compare to her initial price tag? How much did he lose by owning her? Some of my 36 footers have sold for nearly that much. Shinola sold for $95 K, to an owner who is very happy with the deal he got.
Brent - you are so obviously full of crap it's pathetic. Here, have a look at the listings for a few Passport 47s:

Passport Yacht for Sale Brokerage - Bluenose Yacht Sales, Charter RI | Bluenose Yacht Sales

There are SEVEN of them on that one page alone. The lowest price is $319K with this little rejoinder:

$40,000.00 Dramatic Reduction in Price!

The owner say “This Boat Must be Sold Now!”

Now is your opportunity to acquire this gorgeous Passport 47 at a very deep discount. This is an unbelievable situation and one that seldom happens. The realistic owner wants this boat to be sold now. You can now afford to own this lightly used vessel in beautiful condition.

Either your friend thinks you're an idiot - or you can't hear worth a damn - or he's lying to you to get you out of his hair and watch you make a fool of yourself on SN.

EVERY BS boat we've pulled up for sale is either not selling (Silas Crosby, BS Cutter in Mex) or has been dropping like a stone in price (Xenos, Dove II, BS Pilot House in Mex) - because no one wants them. Silas Crosby has the highest asking price of all these at $73K. And that ain't gonna happen. The only high sale prices we've EVER seen come from your mouth - along with all the other crap you spew.

If you can't prove's BS.

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