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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

From the ad;

The Boat is a 36′ steel sailboat named Silas Crosby. We built her over 2 yrs and 3 months and launched in 1994, or thereabouts. We had lots of help. Brent Swain is the designer and he worked for 500 hrs initially , with me helping, to get the hull and deck together.
Hmmmm - 500 hours to do the hull & deck but BS can do a hull in two days - lets be generous and say 2 X 15 hour days or 30 hours.

That leaves 470 hours for the deck - WITH a helper.

Unless that helper was REALLY good at getting in the way, I'd say the numbers don't compute.

I kind of think that the 2 day figure BS keeps throwing out is for just folding the fully prepared metal up and tacking it together - MAYBE fully welding it.

A hell of a long way from building a hull & deck although even 500 hours for a fully welded hull & deck is nothing to sneeze at - I daresay a custom glass hull that size would have 500 hours just in sanding and fairing.

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