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Talking Re: 10K$ boat --- Are Insurance and Survey REALLY mandatory?

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
Ha! did you come up w/ that line about "piece of mind " or are you just repeating the line your insurance agent fed you,and you swallowed hook line and sinker?
From the OP's post's it's blatantly obvious he/she has little or no money and less sailing experience and has aspirations of sailing into the sunset on little or no cash.
given those conditions, he/she is what is referred to as indigent, and subsequently lawsuit proof.
now some may attempt to discourage this individual due to the possibility of something happening. I cannot as I've spent the last number of years aboard sailing up and down the east coast with similar financial shortcomings.
some scoffed, some didn't. I sailed, am still sailing. no insurance at all and no plans on getting any,don't want it.
don't enjoy places and the attitudes of the folks that frequent them that require insurance.
I detest forced insurance,but if your scared and insecure about yourself I won't attempt to deny you your feeling of security or "piece of mind "
as per the comprehensive coverage - the OP will more likely than not be fortunate to have a handheld GPS and VHS let alone expensive electronics aboard.
I think the OP is looking for low/ no income sailing, not the other.
your living in different worlds.
VERY well said, Joe, thank you. I paid in the maximum to SS for my entire life and even for a few employees at one time. I hope to live long enough to get much of it back. Everything else was basically stolen from me. There are quite a few folks with that "attitude" you mentioned that live in a very small bubble and basically have no clue. I don't wish to voluntarily be stupid, but I do choose my wisdom from others carefully... *grin*
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