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Mooring verces Dock

Hi Mike,
I'' ve done both on and off now for quite a few years. Here''s what I think:
On a mooring you have your privacy. In a marina you pretty much don''t, but a good marina can be alot like a nice neiborhood.On the other hand, I'' ve seen marinas where people most of the time won'' t help you dock even in bad weather.(unless their in the same space as you) It'' s easier to keep your boat looking good in a marina because of the endless supply of fresh water. Rain, believe it or not , will keep your boat clean beetween washings. Marinas are a far worse place to be in extreme weather. To be safe on a mooring it has to be very stout- over built if you will and to me if your going to drop a mooring go way overboard on tackle. I can'' t stress that enough. And it has to to be compatable with the type of bottom to where the mooring will be placed and with proper scopes. To give you an example, my mooring is very protected. 500''(aprox)e,s+west 1,000'' north but 1/2mi. to the north west. (my boat= 32'', 12,000lbs disp.)It consists of a 600 lb. US made(the US made is less porous , looses less weight in water and is stronger but costs more) mushroom because the bottom is mud ,23 ft. 1-1/4" chain (no top chain) 35 ft.of 1" pennant, and a float. I went a little overboard but when it" s blowing 70-80 kts. and more I can sleep. I have literaly slept in 70 kt. winds for hours! So don''t fool around.
A mooring can go 5 years with no cost. 500.00 seems expensive for the dinghy dock. Here, people pay 150.00 to 300.00 a year. I pay 150.00. If you look you''ll find one cheaper.
No. Boats dont bounce off each other. Their spaced out so that doesn''t happen. What can happen is during a blow , a mooring that hasn''t been properly installed or maintained can pull out or fail and blow down on you and that can be catostophic.Other than that your boat probably won''t suffer. Keep up the chaff gear and make sure itis very durable.
As far as electricity? If your going to be on a mooring, don''t set your boat up with 120 V. items. Set-up with 12 V. items with a suitable house battary bank and get a quality turbine with good output and you''ll be fine. Wow, thats enough.Hope it helps.

Dennis L.
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