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Re: 10K$ boat --- Are Insurance and Survey REALLY mandatory?

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
well Rambo, that sounds alot like a threat of illegal retribution. or threat of violence.
which one you wanna go with?
and just exactly what are you capable of beside empty threats on an internet chat site to people you've never met or even seen?
what possibly could you be saying? that you're threatening me? If that wasn't so hilarious it might be criminal. As I said, the only way I'm buying insurance is if it required by law to register and operate my vessel. don't like it too cannot do anything about it.
of course everyone that buys insurance has a vested interest in forcing everyone else to pay for it as it widens the paying pool and keeps premiums lower if there are more participants.
Sorry, I'm not subsidizing your fear and/or policy.
And, you can't make me.
see you on the bay.
Well, let me see. You post a lengthy, rambling note which basically says that you are free to cause any damage to anyone you wish and, even if it is your fault, you do not give a damn. What do you expect after such a statement ?

Do you really believe that everyone else is just supposed to stay out of your way because you are somehow special ? Sorry, but you are not. Your responsibilities are just like everyone else's: you make a mess, you clean it up. Simple. That is what I have been taught in the old days. No exceptions.

Did I threaten you with violence ? No. Would I pursue my legal options in such an event - you better believe it. And that would not be empty talk. Trust me on that.

Can I force you to act responsibly ? Unfortunately, I cannot. However, if you did act recklessly, I am fairly certain that I could prevent you from causing such damage to others. Don't worry, it would be done legally.

See you on the Bay.



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