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That is spam. I have seen the same thing on at least 3 threads all this month presumably from the join date.
As it is now a while since the original poster acquired his boat perhaps he could enlighten others who have much the same question with his experience.
How hard can it be? Ever taught someone to drive a car?
I think there are various areas.
1 the road rules etc which you could learn online but a course provides additional incedental learning.
2. Sailing fundamentals. Some theory ie books help or make it faster but practice is required preferably in a small boat.
3. Advanced sailing skills. Reefing docking etc. Theory maybe and practical.
4. Boat skills eg filter changing etc. Theory and pratice.
5 Judgement. Weather, routing, crew, good seamanship.
Like most things the skills for 90% can be learned by many people relatively quickly, as a lawyer told me as a teenager I could teach you 95% of what I do in a year.
Only thing is that last 5% or 1% or .01% is what makes a good lawyer, or one worth paying (hmm).
In the end I think it comes down to not what is the bare minimum I need do to sail a lot of the time. Rather an attitude - to move beyond basic semi-competence to the ability to handle whatever comes up. It requires experience and attitude to move from I am a lawyer so I know, to I don't know but will endeavour to find out prepare myself and act in the meantime in a seamanlike way ie conservatively to preserve my options.
Never mind lawyers. As captain you are responsible for the boat and yourself, skip those - how much value you put on them is up to you, but you are also responsible for the safety of others.
Summary sailing aint so difficult. Good sailing can take a while.
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