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Re: 10K$ boat --- Are Insurance and Survey REALLY mandatory?

To the OP - get the bare minimum of liability insurance. As others have expounded very well, it's not for YOUR property, but for the property of others that your actions might impact.
If a survey is required to get that insurance, then suck it up and pay for it. it'll be a fraction of the cost of ownership. I don't suspect that will be the case, though.
As far as surveys go, if you don't need one for the insurance, don't get one. Buy Don Casey's book, get permission to spend the day on the prospective boat, buy a six-pack, a bag of ice, and make yourself a couple PB&J sandwiches. Spend the day getting close to your new boat. If you can't find anything that makes you worried, don't worry. If you can't negotiate a lower price without a survey, you're not a very good negotiator. (sorry BLJ)

To joethecobbler. I'm sorry. You irritate me. I'm Canadian, I'm responsible, and I haven't mis-spelled a word in 10 years. I work hard at that. (point is on the way, wait for it...)

Like you, I struggle with the quoting on this site. So - I'll just wing it from memory. You telling people in general that 'if they're (sic) not mechanically inclined, or incompetent, maybe they should just not buy a boat' is grossly unfair, condescending, and mean. It would be like me telling YOU, a man who has made over 100 grammatical and spelling errors in THIS THREAD ALONE that he should not be allowed to operate a keyboard.

As many others have stated, your attitude is irresponsible. I respect your right to choice. I do not respect your comments about how others are paying for your benefits because you spent 2 years deployed. Because I'm Canadian, I feel no patriotic obligation to tell you that I owe you something for serving a country.
Jerks serve in the military for selfish reasons all the time. Trust me, I know some.
Good men don't throw the benefits of their sacrifices in the face of others - regardless of the nature of that sacrifice.

Best of luck to the OP.
Cobbler - I hope your boat never ends up within 100 miles of mine. We'll both sleep better that way.

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