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Unexplained phenomena while sailing...

Here is my story on things we can't explain and those of us that have sailed under the darkest of skies while in the middle of the ocean or even close to shore...

Back in the 80's I was on assignment to AUTEC on Andros Island in the Bahamas... this is the Atlantic Underwater Test and Evaluation Center run by the U.S. Navy... while on a break we went to the Tiki bar by the beach and some of us were just having some drinks and looking out into the sea and sky somewhere around 9 PM... I (and others there) saw what looked like 8-9 stars (the magnitude of the light was the same as stars in the background) flying in all different directions and then all flew to one point of light and traveled some distance together until about the distance of half the view of the sky then dispersed into the same 8-9 lights and shot out of the horizon... now I'm an astronomy buff and know this was not birds, planes, balloons, etc... this was in space at least 20-50 miles up or more... we were blown away by what we saw... nothing can describe what we saw...

I am sure such things or phenomena have been seen by others... what have you seen above or below the water you cannot explain?
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