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Full refit or Partial

If a couple is planning on spending a few years cruising aboard a boat 38' to 45' there seems to be two schools of thought.
One school of thought is to buy the best boat you can and sail it. When something breaks fix it.

The other school of thought is to buy the best boat you can then put it through a complete refit so every system is in top shape.

If someone is in the second category then the next division is whether they choose to pay a premium for a boat with a lot of recent upgrades and top quality maintenance or if they just buy a boat with a good design, and bones under the theory they are going to refit it anyway.

I can't personally stomach the thought of sailing away on a boat with major systems unexplored and a mystery.

I would feel compelled to take the whole boat apart, inspect and repair everything and replace what is needed.

So my question is, if that is what someone is committed to do, is is likely that the premium paid for a good boat going to pay off in a faster cheaper refit?

What is your experience?

There will be a temptation to address the wisdom of a refit vs fixing things as you go.
I know different people will make different decisions in this regard and have good reasons both way.
I envy the people that could just take off on a boat they hadn't refit and learn and repair on the way.
I personally don't have that ability or confidence so that option is not one I'm likely to follow no matter how good it might be.
If you can please don't get off topic and talk about the just go option.
I am specifically interested in the potential payback of refitting a better boat vs a not better boat.
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