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Re: OMG, She's Topless!

Originally Posted by blt2ski View Post
How far is Melborne from Seattle?!?! Think I can get there in a days sail? or do i need one of the AC70 foiling thingymabobs to do this?.........
We're on the Far Side of the World, Marty.. unfortunately. ...but hope to visit up that way sometime this year or next.

If you're coming over, you'll need a packed lunch.

Originally Posted by blt2ski View Post
Got a number of them old woodies here in the NW US also. Can be beautiful sites when they are taken care of. Other wise.....ouchie! my eyes hurt......then again, we can probably say the same for plastic ones, along with them steelie or aruminum ones too! Especially them BS ones..........I know of a BP one or two that need some luv too......
Yes indeedy.

About the only thing that keeps me going is that the old girl has some historical significance over here. Sure, that and 3 bucks-fifty can buy a cup of coffee at the club, but at least there's some point to it - and doing this sort of thing can reveal impressive craftsmanship from ages ago.

eg.: It's a bit hard to tell from the pics, but the planking is a little unusual for the era. If there was a hard way to plank this boat, that's how they've done it!! The below-waterline planks start high in the bow, yet each are individually tapered and shaped to fit within a 1/4" of each other in 3 dimensions. Further along the hull, 'stealers' (where a plank is joined into another to increase width) have been used both topsides and below with the same accuracy on the curve, requiring a heap more planning on the part of the designer and builder to avoid messing up. I've always thought the craftsmanship in the mast was impressive, but the hull itself must have been extraordinarily difficult to build.. and it's all typically covered with a coat of paint.

Anyways, truly amazing craftsmanship of a kind you'll never see on a plastic/alloy/steel boat.

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