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Internal Regulation

I looked at your web site and I must say it looks like you''ve done alot of work on the subject. However, I was wondering if you considered the source of the information that you were relating to. I have found that manufactures embelish the merrits of thier products considerably. Many times they incorperate jargon that is down right misleading if not just confusing. I will admit that at this time i''m ignorant of the workings of a 3 step charger but i''m well versed on how electronic regulators work. no electronic regulator, internal of external is a fixed switch that simply pours the coals on a battery. Even the simpelest cheapest electronic regulator has a complex voltage sensor that has the ability to what can only be explained as a slow slide to home from max to finish. All those whistles bells and buzzers you refer to do some neat tricks but are realitively useless. What these claims elude to is splitting hairs. How thick the plates are in a battery is less relavent than the quantitiy of lead overall. A simple rule of thumb is that the more lead the more storage the more cost. Golf carts have been using flodded cells for more years than i''m old. Ever lift one? These batteries work equally well when put in series as deep cycle or starter batteries and can stand repeated depleation. Even a pair of these is cheap in relationship to any gell cell or AGM battery on the market and can out perform then considerably. I know this first hand. People that are impressed by giltz and glamour are the prime targets for this kind of marketing. Out in the pitts so to speak is where the real work is done. For me what really matters how many amps can I buy for my buck. I don''t care how it comes or what it comes in. You can buy four 27 series 750 amp hour batteries at Wal-Mart for $36.00 ea. and have 3000 amps for the price of 1 850 amp hour gell cell. Do the math.
Ps. It would be rare, if any alternator with either an internal or external electronic regulator ever caused damage to a battery.
Ole Pete, 35 years ASE certified electronic technition.
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