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Re: Best Drone for GoPro???

Originally Posted by xort View Post
With the dji phantom, you shoot "blind"?

I need wireless monitoring of the image
I have a friend with an older phantom (without any possibility of viewing live view of the camera), and he has no issues getting what he wants with the Go Pro as it has such a wide angle view. He actually has made some money off of it taking shots of car shows from above. He is also starting to do fly overs for realtors, get really nice shots of large properties with it. Makes a nice retirement business for him. Live camera view would increase your number of hits though. Without it is kind of like doing the kite camera thing fly and hope for the best. My biggest issue is that most sink if the go down in the water. There are issues with them loosing signal and going out of control occasionally. In the open water that would mean a ruined quadracoptor and possibly a lost camera. Some have a go home feature if they loose signal, but if you are shooting you boat in motion that home spot is not where the boat is anymore! Some also have a tracking feature where it will track a smart phone, so you can get in the air and it will follow the boat till you call it back, kind of cool.
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