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Re: Don't have to be rich to sail

Originally Posted by rbyham View Post
I forget where I saw it but when factoring in global income levels, any American making more than 30k is a member of the 1 percent club. Strange eh? I also saw a quote that said, considered globally, If you make more than 50k you are much closer to Bill Gates' salary than you are to the average wage of those in other countries... Not sure that is true but it was on the Internet :-) and I get the point...
Yeah, someone gets it. I grew up in a poor, single parent home. We had a home, car, food, clothes and a few extras, but never enough to buy anything more than an inflatable, which I paddled around with all the time. I then had a kid while still young myself. We always kept a "boat jar" where the change went in. It never got above $30 because I'd eventually let my son roll the coins and buy something he liked. I did buy a used wind surfer for $50 once and used it with my son sitting on the front. Thought I might kill him if we didn't find another hobby. Never had enough money to buy a boat until my kid was on his own and I was making decent money in my career. So I think the perspectives here are a bit out of whack. A dinghy can be bought and sailed cheaply, and that presumes the person is close to the water. This is all very hard to come by when you're living hand to mouth, which is how the majority of people live. Median income is about $50,000 in the US, women still make 3/4 of what men do, and 46 million people are living in poverty, which equates to about $12K/year for an individual or $24K for a family for four. IMHO, sailing is still a "rich" sport. It's all in how you define it...

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