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Re: Chines

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
On the first part you are going very well...then you messed up

Yes it is easier to design a hull without chines than with chines, I mean a good one with effective chines and it is also true that different hulls will have optimum chimes in different locations but sailing versatility has nothing to do with it.

Both on the Oceanis and on the sun Odyssey the chines will not interfere with the sailing ability till the optimum heel angle upwind is reached. The boat will be less effective past that angle and the chines are not to be passed but reaching that point of optimum heeling those chines will increase the stiffness of the boat and will help to prevent passing it, maintaining the boat on an optimum groove making sailing easier for a beginner or a cruiser on autopilot.

The boat will tell you very effectively when the optimum heeling angle is reached. You really have to try hard to pass over the chine...and you can almost hear the boat insulting your sailing abilities for trying it


Then it means that the chines' purpose is to put limitations on your manner of sailing., acting as rails on a tram - you get punished if you derail, tram gets insulted . Like a modern car that alerts you if you cross the incessant line on the road. Do you think this feature is useful regarding sailing boats in the open sea? I do not want to adjust my sailing to the chines because I do not think they are the final word for optimal sailing.

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