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Re: Chines

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
It seems you really have some difficulty on this. Yes your way of sailing should be adapted to each boat characteristics and not otherwise.

Each boat has an optimum way regarding being sailed effectively. Not all are the same. Some are more effective upwind with more heel, other with less.

If a boat does not only reminds the sailor about the better and more efficient heeling angle but also makes easier to find it and makes difficult bad and less efficient sailing, preventing him to pass that angle it is worse or less flexible than a boat that does not pass any information to the sailor?

Let me remind you that on top of all this that chine increases stiffness at the more efficient angle of heel, making the boat go slightly faster.

It beats me how you can see any of this as negative but I will insist no more, have it your own way


Ok Paulo. We disagree. But this is a more philosophical disagreement. And I think also that no chines hull will deliver better information to the sailor who sails his boat badly.

But I am grateful to all valuable information and points you made about the chines and that you raised the polemics on chines on this thread that I follow much more than any other threads. Such topics are very enlightening and make one think and express opinions even when one may be wrong (talking about me). Otherwise if you are not qualified or enlightened you may just stare at the chines and think that they look cool. and that would be all.

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