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Re: composting toilet-should we do it

We installed a C-head brand dessicating toilet on our boat nearly one year ago. Our boat had overboard disharge only and we wished to become compliant with the laws, be more neighbourly when at anchor and got tired of making the morning run to shore to use facilities......
The cost of a custom holding tank that would have very little capacity led us down this road.
I find as a girl, that I have to be more mindful of my positioning than my male counterpart, and sometimes some urine does end up in the wrong place, however with the ease and frequency of emptying the C-head this has posed no real problems and a little extra peat moss will take care of it.
We have one at our land based full time living quarters as well, so are very familiar with the unit. We have had a fruit fly infestation at home and on the boat. That was not pleasant, but easily remedied on the boat, we cleaned the whole unit well and hung the poo bucket in the sea for a day,(after emptying it) no more fruit flies, at home it took longer to get rid of them, I think because we were not too interested in really scrubbing the poo bucket and we should have soaked it like we did the other.
It takes some commitment and willingness to use these separating toilets, but I am quite certain that the gross factor is alot less than a portapotti.
Regarding odors, we have not yet got around to connecting the ventilating fans on either unit as there is little to no odor from either unit. I will start to notice a bit of smell when it is time to empty the bucket.
One of the reasons we chose the C-head was for the ease of emptying it. No unbolting of the whole unit as with airhead and natures head. The trade off is that it has to happen more frequently. That becomes a matter of personal preference I think.
From my point of view this is the simplest and least problematic solution to human waste storage on board a boat, especially a smaller boat.
If you do chose to go with a "composter" I would recommend spritzing the urine diverter with a mild vinegar solution after each use, this will prevent an unsightly mineral build up on it. You can tell your guests its just like flushing!
Regards, Tanya
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