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There's too many variables to give you an intelligent price (particularly your location and how in-demand the rigging is), but I agree 23 years is getting past it.

I would make a few suggestions, depending on the sailing you do. Go with 5/16ths 7 x 19 Dyneema wire with Sta-Lok terminals. I'm guessing that's about right for your boat. Do you have running backstays rigged (or can you rig them?)

Find some 1/4" aluminum stock, make a jig, and bend some mast steps. Ask how to do this, but it's dead easy and can be done with a table saw (watch for slivers) to make the basic bar stock. Just remember to use Tufnol or some kind of lanolin to isolate the steel machine bolts from the aluminum mast and steps, or they'll corrode there forever.

This is an opportunity to get the rigging right, and you can do a great deal and save on labour.

Get the mast down and start measuring the halyards and inspecting the sheaves. Once they're down, you can service the sheave boxes and eliminate burrs, squeaks and general reluctance to turn.

STA-LOK Terminals Ltd - Marine - Terminals - STA-LOK Terminals

DIY, and just needing a pair of wedges, these are reusable, but you need a new "wedge" each time you make up a stay. This means you can just carry a length of stay a foot longer than your longest existing stay (probably the main forestay) and can get the right length with a hacksaw, grind the ends to the right shape, apply wedge, apply some sort of water-repelling goo (lanolin) and screw the whole thing together. Then adjust in place using something called a "Loos tension gauge", which you can mock up yourself for next to nothing using Internet instructions (I prefer to borrow a real $80 one once a year for the price of a beer to fellow sailors).

Norseman is a slightly different swageless approach, but still good.

Here's an article on the general idea: Good Old Boat, Quick Attach, Sta-Lok, Norseman, swasless fittings

and another swageless maker:
S3i Ltd: Swageless Terminals

and a good article by a surveyor on what to look for in rigging problems with loads of pictures suited to the meanest understanding ...

Sailboat Rig Problems - J. Stormer

Good luck. It might be worth shopping around and driving the boat a couple of hundred miles to get a better deal or a quicket turn-around.
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