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Mooring and Battery Power

Hi Ms,
Yes, you can mount one from the spin. or jib halyard by using guy lines. I''m not sure exactly how it''s done, but I know it is done. I'' ve seen that in brochures and I do believe Tom Neale (a contributing writer for Cruising World mag.) had that set-up on his Gulfstar 47. On that issue I would get in touch with Ferris power producs, Ashland, Ma., 1508.8814602 or Jack Rabbit Marine, Stamford, Ct. 12039618133. You could even try , I''ve met him, he''s a cool breeze and I'' m sure he''d help.

Mounting an top of a mast is a good option simply because there''s more wind up there and you won''t hear the blade noise as they turn. However, you will get a hum through the mast, but it''s not bad. A friend of mine that passes through here every two years on his trip from Montreal to Martinique has an Air Marine atop his mast on his Sun Legend 41, and loves it! He''ll anchor by my mooring and his turbine will be putting out one third more than mine. Mine is on a transom mast. I spend alot of time on my boat and every time I get there, the batts. are full.
Granted, mast top and halyard mount are not the norm, but they are used.
Back to the generator. If you go the generator route just remember this... you don''t want the batts (or any device) to try to "pull" more amps out of the generator than it can supply. If the batts. want a thirteen amp charge and the generator can only put out eight, eventually you will dammage your generator and the batts. won''t get what they need- your deep cycle batts. won''t be being treated properly. I must speak freely but respecfully: I don''t like the generator idea. I have a Honda ex 350 and a Nisson 1,000.I don''t use either for charging purposes. Before I got my turbine, I used my 350 to run lights and the like. (small amps). I used the 1,000 for running tools. (I bought 12 V cordless tools and run them off the ships batts. I don''t even use the 1,000 any more). I have a Balmar high amp alternator and external regulator...I hardly ever use that. Are you located in an area that has a decent turn-out of wind?(so to speak). If you have at least one day per week when the wind blows 15 to 20 knots (or the equivelent) you''ll be fine with a turbine.( hey... that rymes)
When I see my turbine charging my batts. and powering lights etc., it makes me feel good! And after the initial cost,IT''S FREE!!! Otherwise motor sail home at the end of the weekend to charge. But thats not a bad thing.


One more thing, you could install a permanent inboard generator. With a center cockpit boat, you probably have the room. If you have the money.

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