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Originally Posted by Giulietta
Poor guy...hope he packed enough Tampons, Migraine tablets, Menstrual pain medicine, condoms, (well at that age...he just gets out of air, sits in the edge of his bed and eats crackers and drinks 7UP), Cyallis (guaranteed 7 hour bonner, but what is he gonna do with the remaining 6 hours and 54 minutes?? take the boner fishing???), ear plugs, hair wax, hair dye, toe nail polish, and clipers, peach shampoo, melon body oil, almond soap, strawberry conditioner, hair towels, but towels, "thingy" towels, body towels, a dirty laundry bin,

But most of all.....A bottle of cyanide and 3 "Larry the cable guy" DVD's...
Bugger off you Portuguese troublemaker. 55 may not be the first flush of youth but some 55 year old wombats of my acquaintence are quite chipper thank you very much you cheeky young pratt.

OTOH, other than the sex why on earth would anyone be so pharked in the head as to get into a boat with a 23 year old woman, especially a 23 year old woman with no sailing experience whatsoever ? Buggers me , I can tell you. I'd rather do it single handed (read into that whatever you like) and retain what's left of my sanity.

(Yes , that might have sounded sexist but in fact it was more ageist than sexist. In reality a 23 year old bloke would be at least as painful and not as youknowwhatimeanable. Mind you after three years at sea the effing anchor windlass would probably start to look good !!)

Andrew B (Malö 39 Classic)

“Life is a trick, and you get one chance to learn it.”
― Terry Pratchett.
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