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Internal Regulation


I am truly sorry if you thought I wasn''t civil. But you made NO effort WHATSOEVER to respond to the TONS of information refuting your "statements" that I have provided in the previous email. I guess you will always go through life not reading a thing and only believing make me laugh!!....Because you did NO RESEARCH it is YOU that "have learned NOTHING". Anybody that read your response to my email will immediately recognize that it is YOU that is "ignorant and stupid". All you can do is call me some names (how juvenile). BUT THERE IS NOT ONE SHREAD OF FACTUAL RESPONSE TO DEFEND THE INCORRECT STATEMENTS THAT YOU MADE. If you feel so strongly about your statements then lets see some REAL facts…..not just some myopic conjecture.

So I would think that most people that have read this thread would have to surmise that you have nothing to back up what you say and that you are wrong on some points (I did not say all points). Just because you get paid $xxx.xx per hour means nothing (lol….you think highly of yourself don''t you….lol)……Do you know what the definition of an expert is?….."Its someone that knows just a little more than the other person they are talking to on a subject". Its funny that you "think" you are so right on the specifics I brought up, but the hundreds of other people ( backed up with hard data) that dispute what you claim are wrong…….(it is you, that needs to get your head out of the sand)

So again I am sorry if I was rude and obnoxious , but there is NO way I am ignorant nor stupid ESPECIALLY on these subjects. So I will leave it up to you to respond to the technical issues I brought up with FACTS….not a diatriabe of ignorance.

Tom - Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, Univ. Of New Hampshire

Ps….why don''t you do yourself a favor and actually READ the information on the links I provided instead of just dismissing everything out of is NOT battery marketing literature.
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