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Seeking a solo skipper doing the live-aboard thing in the Caribbean.

Heaven is heaven is heaven is heaven... That's the way I've felt about the Caribbean from the time of my first experiences there. Thus, in my youth I haunted the place, living for varying periods in Virgin Gorda/BVI, in Bequia/the Grenadines, and in Providencia, Colombia. While I was eventually obliged to return to the States I did so with resolve that I would go back to the islands for my later years. That season is now upon me, and in the intervening period I have encountered nothing to change my impression or alter my intention.

While earlier I experienced the boating scene only as an observer, this time I wish to be a part of it. Much as I admire high-elevation skiers, and dauntless surfers – all, folks compelled to sport with the forces of nature as fully as human blood allows – I cannot say that the Perfect Storm is the society I seek. My preference runs to something more sedentary: living-aboard simply as a refreshing way of being present in the Southern Sea. A permanent arrangement is the target.

With this in mind I'm looking for a skipper of the same disposition who is soloing but might welcome a buddy simply for companionship... to share expenses... and help out with chores. “Soloing” is the operative word here. For me, more than two constitutes a melee. While I cannot boast sailing skills, the leisurely life I envision will allow plenty of time to acquire these for short, inter-island junkets. Hard sailing, as they say, is not something at this stage of my life I wish to tackle. Wouldn't we all love to retrace our steps and follow other trails, toy with tantalizing possibilities overlooked the first round? Certainly we would. But in the end we play the hand we're dealt and are grateful for the opportunity.

Peace and quiet are among my priorities, so living on the hook has great appeal. Scenics are key, and these we have in abundance among the islands. I enjoy writing and painting at all times, but currently world politics seem to demand our best efforts in trying to thwart dark forces at work. A conscionable person cannot give-up on humanity, but he can take steps to remove himself from the madness. Hence...

My research suggests that the island of Aruba is a superb year-round haven. All the Netherlands Antilles are out of the path of hurricanes, as are Margarita, Venezuela and Panama. Such spots seem ideal for undisturbed, day-to-day existence. If one is functioning within visa limits he might do six-months in the Netherlands Antilles, then six-months in Margarita, etc., etc.

This leisurely rambling of thought is presented merely to acquaint the reader with this individual I invite you to know as T-Dawg. Presently my home is found among the lovely mountains around Eureka Springs, AR. Soon I will return again to the fine old lands of the Caribbean Sea.

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