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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
You are really spending way too much time and energy fighting me.... I have no intention of "behaving". I never have.
Bob, not fighting you. Fighting your bad manners, rude behavior and arrogance and not even in absolute terms but just in this thread.

Here I make a point that everybody, starting by me behaves nicely. Rudeness is definitively out as well as meaningless comments. Maybe it time for you to learn how to behave otherwise you don't have a place here, you or anybody that does not know or want to "behave". This thread is interesting and lasted so long because posters around (starting by me) know how to behave and understand the importance of that even when they disagree with others.

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
But I have a suggestion that could be useful for you:
If you go to where you can edit your preferences for this forum there is a place where you can put people on "ignore"....This would be good for you too Eric. Better than pissing and moaning.
Bob if i ignored what posters say on this thread it would not be an interesting thread anymore. Everybody could say what they want and all type of nonsense would have the same factual value for the ones that follow it (and they are many) and say that use this thread as a learning tool.

If I had done so things like an OVNI 39 having a similar performance as a XP 38 or that modern chines are used on cruising boats only by fashion reasons or that Computer Fluid Dynamics is not a very important tool in what regards sailboat design development or that the new Hunter 40 has a nice sailing hull would pass as truth and I would not allow that because it is just not factually true.

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
I like this thread. It is informative. Show me the boats. I can form my own opinions.
Yes Bob, you can use the thread for having a view about what is made regarding the best contemporary design, you can form your own opinions what you can't do is posting like your own opinions are the definitive true about the subject. After all if that was so you would not be looking at cutting edge designs on this thread but designing them.

Originally Posted by Rhapsody-NS27 View Post
Thread title says "Interesting Boats" not necessarily for "modern".

Personally, I like older looking/styled boats more. The "modern" ones usually don't interest me much but they're still nice to look at to see design features.

Something about Jakatan makes it a beautiful boat that I would be more interested in myself. Beautiful craftsmanship. Makes me want to learn more about boat building. Everyone has different tastes. Doesn't mean one style should be omitted from this thread because someone else doesn't like it.
Nobody wants to omitte any style from this thread but the title of a thread does not say all about it. On the first post the object of the thread is clearly defined and the first sentence is:


Interesting sailboats in production and available on the new boat market (only boats with modern designs, meaning that the boats still in production but made with old designs are out)."

There are many other threads for the ones that like you prefer older designs. This one is about contemporary design.

Nothing wrong about some designs that don't fit this criteria to be posted now an then on this thread, just because they are beautiful, even if they are not the object of this thread.

I have made complete informative and extensive posts about Jakatan and silver, the two last Bob designs. I don't want pictures of them appearing out of contest on the thread like mushrooms, as it have happened already and its happening all the time in the Steel boat thread.

Bob Perry have posted many photos of boats he finds interesting on this thread .... all about his designs. I have already suggested to Bob to open one thread about his designs or if he does want a more broad subject, about classic designs made today, one where we could all see in detail his own work.

Best regards


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