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Bayfield 32C Survey Results :)

Hey guys,...

Well, we had the survey done yesterday on the boat we've been in love with. To updated you, here it is again: Boats and Yachts for Sale

Here's how it went down.

1st. I wasn't really happy with the surveyour. Paul Dupre. He greeted me very ackwardly and went about his business without telling me anything he was doing. I felt practically ignored the whole time

I figured this was just the type of person he was(inward), because he still seemed like a good surveyour, he was looking at every inch of the boat and making lots of notes.

In the end he gave us a summary of everything that needed looking after,
but he talked quite quickly, used lots of technical terms... ie: engine water lift??. And didn't really clarify things.

Over all, the things he said were minor. A couple of throughull hoses for salt water intake for the head and galley needed to be replaced(the galley one will not be used anyway, except maybe for the watermaker we plan to install)

Also the battery straps had to be replaced, as they are made of stainless steel Big no no.

That's all.

The rest of the boat is in great condition. He said hes never seen a Bayfield in this superb condition.


Now, whether Im happy with this 100% or not? Well, not really. When I asked him if he thought what we were paying for the boat was a good price he said yes, but he didn't seem to be applied to that answer more than like a casual scratch of an itch on his head.... like we were suppose to figure it out on our own.

So, I was slightly pissed off with the survey, but, more or less satisfied the boat was in great condition

2nd ( this should be first)

The haulout was great. The hull is in amazing condition. No cracks, no blisters, nothing. The brass prop has no damage, so the zincs held up. Prop zinc had to be replaced which the broker paid $12 for on the spot.


We were about to go to the sea trial, when the broker went off to have a quick lunch before hand... I decided to check that the furlers worked at the dock... and whadya know

We couldnt get the headsail unfurled(which turned out to be a 110% Genoa high foot)

The FURLEX system was jammed, I looked inside, it was all messed up in there like hell, someone really messed it up last time it was furled. Secondly, the system was not put together properly, and a screw was out of placce and tilting the whole feeder on an angle.

Needless to say, we did not go on the sea trial as we couldnt get the Genoa unfurled.

The broker is fixing the headsail furler on his expense, and we are going on the sea trial tomorrow.

The engine survey is May 1st.

F#!! ... I don't own the boat and already it has cost me about $1000 in fees LOL!


I am still in love with the boat, and she appears in great condition. Will find out how she sails tomorrow.

Although, I am not as thrilled with the cutter rig anymore. We got the Genoa unfurled 30% of the way, and already, when trying to swtich the sail to the other side it was a real pain in the ass.. but this was at the dock, with no wind, so we'll see how it works at sea.

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