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Originally Posted by WHOOSH
Whatever a Cape Fear 38 is, it isn''t a cruising-capable boat (as claimed by the company)...and I continue to tire at boat builders who choose the ''racer/cruiser'' label for such self-enriching purposes.

This boat appears meant to be sailed from marina to marina. ''Cruising'' is not synonymous with weekending a few miles down the Bay. Electrical generation & storage for liveaboard needs while on the hook? Anchors (that''s more than one...), chain + nylon rodes, windlass...where do they go? A saildrive for extended cruising? Right. Is there a neat little space for the watermaker, given scant tankage. Lots of room for jerry jugs since the fuel tank is most likely also small? Geesh...

If you''ve walked around Bald Head Is. (where the owner of the yard and the guy who wanted a custom design for himself, then thought he''d start a boat building company, too), you might get the impression that''s not where experienced cruising sailors retire to, nor where clever designs suitable for cruising sailboats originate. However, it might be a likely place to find a few Marketing guys who like to write creative marketing copy because they think it will sell boats.

I had to bump this and add to it. Jack is SPOT ON !!!!! I was contacted by the designer Feb 1999 to meet with an owner of a 30/30 who wanted a 31 ft "sportboat". Owner wanted to race with his young children in stable comfort. He also owned a Sabre 42 and claimed to be a lover of great ocean cruising as well. His family owns an island(Balh Head notice the BHR hasnt YET posted results!!!) and he is an architect with FANTASTIC vision and ability to sketch anyones thoughts with the skills of a vetran police scetch artist.
I agreed to sign on and months of waiting for drawings and finalization of contracts etc. I wanted to move back to Wilmington, love building boats(my weakness)and was willing(apparently) to sell my soul to do so. To make what this horrid experience short, lets just say the "drawings" never ever ever ever appeared..........only stations, developed by "Owner" and "designer" based on the combination of SEVERAL hull forms. The result is the bigle shaped confused hull. After a meeting at the plug I was approached and talked into stretching the length to make the stern more asthetic!!!!!!!!!!! This process stopped several months later when the boat had reache a staggering 38 ft all in one foot attempts, EACH time modifying the plug to accept these new shapes.(not one single staion presented by the duo worked NOT ONE!!)
The deck "rendering" I was shown was that of a nice sporty shape. THEN they dumped the truth of this mess.........."Owner" claimed the boat MUST have 6'3" standing head room!!!!!!!!!! @#$%^&*@($ They actually had me REMOVE the stations around b-max from the strongback and hold them against the shop wall and trace them. THEN they drew HUGE cabins on the deck cambers!!!!!!!!!!!!!(this meant taking the plug apart!!!!!) Go to my photos in Photobucket under Cape Fear 38 to see the cartoons on the wall Tynaje/Cape Fear 38 - Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting , TOTAL LUNACY!!!! (you gotta wonder where my head was at for allowing this nonsence)
My contract gave me ownership of the toolong for future production( I am a one off builder-------the industry does NOT need another run of the mill production builder!!!!!!!!) I built the deck,cabin and cockpit without a SINGLE drawing!!!!!!!!!!!! The cabin was done by "owner" and interior was in sketch form........... "designer" did in fact draw the mast and blades......Given this thing was meant to race ,I built that racing cockpit. I was SOO embarrased and ashamed of that horrible cabin and absolute confused purpose I had to remove myself from the equation. I greed to complete the tooling but not one step beyond. I built the boat over a hard plug, inside laminate, core, outside laminate and fairing. This lead to the smooth interior of hull #1, no need for heavy liners etc.( I HATE liners) Hull #1 was rolled over interior structure and structural furniture etc.
THEN (this is where Jack hit the nail on the head) "Owner" and "designer decide they want to become a boatbuilding company. NOT ME , I wanted NO part of the direction this group was headed. I rolled the boat back over, hired several people and formed Cape Fear Yachtworks. The project was completed by Peter Ross Yachts while allowing CFY to use my accounts to establish themselves(DUMB DUMB MOVE.)
After purchasing a chopper gun the tooling started and in 10 days two molds were done and so was I!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is a perfect example of a barstool sailor with too much money to burn, gets the bug to better his barstool buddies. Oh and a note on the need for his head room based on his size.........what good does headroom do if you are sick in your bunk day in and day out..........
That poor confused really is a mess and would have been fantastic with 6 inches off the sheer, rid that massive clump of glass cabin, taper a proper rig, correct keel and STOP using vinyester resin backed by epoxy(passed off as an epoxy boat)(oh and I NEVER put a single piece of carbon OR kevlar in #1 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Creative marketing YES oh YES indeed VERY "creative" indeed.
I have waited several years to blurt this for many reasons, mostly to wait til I calmed down a tad.........this IS calmer, also to make certain they were DONE !!!!!!!! I do love building boats and this experience really got my goat , I never saw the "setup" coming("ownwer" and "designer" clearly intended to create a boat co and needed a hothead builder to start and walk away)
Sorry for the rant but this is so much what the industry does not need.... The bit about "sailors building boats for sailors" is a JOKE, not one of them is capable of taking aboat away from the doack alone, not one of them. This shocked me most. I actually drove 800 miles home EVERY weekend just to sail on a real boat with REAL sailors!!!!!!!
Good Luck Kent and Bruce

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