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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Holy cow Paulo:
You are really spending way too much time and energy fighting me. I'm very flatterred.

But I have a suggestion that could be useful for you:
If you go to where you can edit your preferences for this forum there is a place where you can put people on "ignore". They have it on Sailing Anarchy too. I don't use it but some do. It works until someone quotes you. Then you can't block the quote. But for you it would serve to have my posts on ignore and you would not have to read them. This would be good for you too Eric. Better than pissing and moaning.

Because, I'm not going anywhere and I have no intention of "behaving". I never have.

Nothing short of pure arrogance. MAJOR BUMMER.

Bob, I had much more respect for you before tonight.

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