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She set off in a partially unseaworthy boat w/o any other sailing experience, except for a tall ship. Ken Barnes had been sailing for years prior to leaving! I don't see how sailing to South America for a first voyage is a discrete trip?
Yes...she worked as a cook on a tall ship and at least had been ocean sailing on it. Ken had years of sailing experience but ZERO on the ocean. She bought her "particularly unseaworthy" boat in 2000 and worked on it 18 months to make it seaworthy. She then set sail FROM THE BVI'S to south america and Trinidad. Look at the island chain from the BVI's to South America (Venezuela and Trinidad). There is no need to EVER make a passage of more than 24 hours and there is generally land within 12 hours from anywhere. THAT is what I would call a DISCRETE trip to test her boat. She found lots more problems and decided the boat needed a complete refit. After that the went offshore with the wind at her back from the BVI's to Newport...lost her SSB and prop but made it thorugh 2 gales and into Naragannsett under sail. A nice blue-water second step that preapared her to cross an ocean.
Donna has not been perfect in her judgement but she did approach her journey in a series of discrete steps and was well tested both at the equipment and the personal level before she set out on her circumnavigation.
I think you just have issues with Ken...
Your right! and I would have issues with Donna if she had conducted herself in a similar manner...but she didn't. What distinguishes her in my book is not just the preparation but her fighting spirit in contrast to Ken's passivity when faced with adversity.
you guys would be writing about how cool HE is!!!
Not me...I put him in he same class as the Bumfuzzlers. They were just more lucky than he...but I don't think they are cool either. I do give them good marks for a positive attitude and a spirit of adventure and a willingness to carry on in adversity.

Ken's boat was unseaworthy as well...someone told him it was okay to cut off the bilge keels!!!!!!
That someone was ROBERT PERRY who he paid for an analysis of his boat.
There is NO evidence that the bilge PLATES had any impact on the boat AND let it be remembered that the boat was still happily floating along until Ken sank her.
Cam, I think you might want to read her story again..
Au contraire...I think it is YOUR reading comprehension skills that need improvement!

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