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Re: Beaufort South Carolina no longer a free anchor

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
lt, there's all sorts of ways to fight city hall. Start with going online, or going to the clerk's office, and check out the exact laws requiring notifications for a town meeting, or whatever they held. Often the law will specify how notice has to be given, and how far in advance, and often someone will not comply 100% with that.

If you get lucky, they didn't comply and they have to throw out the meeting and start over.

Then there's the grant itself, you can also check to see IF they properly complied with the terms for that, the timetable, if there are any technicalities that you can get them DSQ'd for on that.

This is how Dennis Conner winds yacht races: Scrutinize the enemy, and DSQ 'em for any infraction you can find.

Then if you really feel bold, you start a recall campaign against the pols who have started the whole business.

Question everything, because the odds are at least one mistake was made and that's all the ***** you need in their armor.
That's all excellent advice, of course, and represent avenues certainly worth pursuing... Just seems to me, looking at this from afar, some may have waited until a bit late in the game, to begin doing so. After reading the OP, and this thread being the first I'd ever heard of this, I was surprised to learn this whole project was as advanced as it is, and the funding for it already approved...

Originally Posted by ltgoshen View Post
If you were following a long, the upgrade to the city dock has nothing to do with this discussion. Who don't want the dock spruced up? Thats great for the dock renters and transient boaters.
Well, seeing as the mooring field is but one of the 'improvements' being made to the city waterfront, with 70% of the project's budget consisting of the $100K Federal grant, seems to me it certainly does have something to do with it...

Originally Posted by ltgoshen View Post
The discussion has always been about the unjust, heavy handedness of city and state governments taken rivers and waterways that have for over 200 years, belonged to the "PEOPLE" and whore it out to contractors for profit and campaign contributions.

Progress to the middle class only means that they no longer get to partake in the fun. It means they will be priced out of the lifestyle by the elite.

What ever.
Again, to be clear, I am just as distressed by this sort of proliferation of mooring fields in towns like Beaufort as you are... However, there are a couple of things that are not clear to me:

Are you saying that you will no longer be permitted to anchor in the Beaufort River adjacent to/outside of the confines of the mooring field? If that were the case, this would, indeed, be a BFD for local sailors and cruisers passing through Beaufort. But I have yet to see anything that defines a prohibition on anchoring, could you clarify that for us?

Just curious, what has been your mooring/anchoring arrangement there? Do you have a private mooring, or are you just lying to an anchor(s)? If on a mooring, do you have to pay a fee for a permit from the city?

Help me out here, how is this project going to "price middle class sailors" out of the pastime, exactly? Obviously, the new mooring field will occupy the 'prime anchoring spot' off town, they always do... But if you are still allowed to anchor or moor in the river outside of the mooring field, doesn't it simply mean you might have to travel a greater distance by dinghy to get to your boat? (Not to mention, one of the proposed 'enhancements' to water access includes a small boat launching ramp that could be of benefit to those anchoring in the river) What am I missing, here? I can certainly appreciate this may make sailing more 'inconvenient' for you, but I'm not seeing how this might compel you, or others who have been keeping their boats in that anchorage, to give up sailing or boat ownership completely...
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