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Re: Beaufort South Carolina no longer a free anchor

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
The Daytona Municipal Marina is operated by a corporation and they already have a pumpout boat they use in the Marina. I see ads for the operator job occasionaly. So the Equipment and Manpower is already there and being used,they just won't come out to an anchorage,they could they just don't/won't.

After all we are discussing the merits of a mooring field and the advantages and costs and such.

As well as offering services like shower,water they don't have a dinghy dock and if you o in and say your at anchor and would like to purchase a shower they will not accomidate you,why?
Well, that does seem a bit inexplicable, but seems a decision made by a private business... They are under no obligation to provide pumpout service to boats anchored some distance away, of course, perhaps they've simply decided it's not worth the effort?

Same thing with the showers, perhaps? Not completely unreasonable that they might want to reserve them for the use of their tenants? Have you had much success at other marinas buying just a shower, and nothing else? Many places will extend the courtesy if you stop in for fuel (generally helps to be taking several hundred gallons, of course) but I'm not sure how much more common that is along the Ditch, than a Hampton Inn off I-95 selling a shower to anyone just passing by...

I do know that some locales - Beaufort NC Town Docks, for example - are forced to make a continuous effort to prevent unauthorized use of their showers by liveaboards and others in the anchorage. Constantly changing the combination, installation of security cameras, and so on... Other marinas such as Charleston City, or Halifax Harbor, have resorted to the use of weird keys not easily duplicated, etc., due to the apparent 'issues' that can arise with attempted use of their facilities by non-paying customers... Not trying to justify the attitude taken by Halifax Harbor towards the anchored-out riff-raff :-), just suggesting that some of these businesses have grown weary of some of the hassles, and simply might prefer to keep them to a minimum...

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
Seems using equipment and manpower and laws already in place and being underutilized would be a no brainer. couple that with an increased awareness of who and what is at anchor and which vessel is incapable of making way and all the merits of he mooring field arguement go away.
They (law enforcement) have taken action to remove several boats that were anchored and unable to make way. No engine,no mast, your out of there. also ,if your boat sinks in the halifax river and you are identified as the last owner of record via the last registration or HIN you will be recieving a visit from the man,
there are already laws in place to address vessel operation on florida waters.
Agree completely, the derelict problem is largely one of simple lack of enforcement. The authorities lack the political will to get tough, 'out of sight, out of mind' is a far easier 'solution'...

However, such 'evictions' might be often easier said than done... Years ago, down at Ponce Inlet right off the entrance channel to Lighthouse Boatyard, there was a guy who had 2 old wooden motoryachts rafted together, anchored there for years... the boats never moved, it was obvious he was discharging sewage, etc... For YEARS the municipality and the boatyard attempted to get him evicted, even the fact that he was adjacent to the state park seemed to carry little weight, endless court appearances produced no result... Finally, one of the hurricanes about a decade ago settled the issue, once and for all...

Originally Posted by joethecobbler View Post
What's more , I think Daytona is missing the boat on all the boat traffic as you don't get the chatter online about Daytona as you do for places like Oriental,Vero,St.Aug. etc. if they fostered a more welcoming atmosphere instead of being known for aggressive FWC/Law enforcement tactics everyone would be better served,local merchants and boaters of all stripe.
I've always liked Daytona, though that is one stretch that I'm always desperate to run outside, the ICW between St Augustine and Ponce can be an incredible PITA, where the sail down outside can often be a beauty... I always enjoyed stopping at Daytona Marina & Boatworks, but when I stopped there a couple of months ago after not having been in there for a few years, I was shocked how much that formerly first class facility had deteriorated under their new management, and how low their occupancy seemed to be...

Daytona might be a nice spot for a seasonal liveaboard who never leaves the dock, but its distance from any real cruising ground or opportunity for sailing would seem to prevent it's ever becoming a destination for cruising sailors, who might actually be interested in leaving the dock or anchorage from time to time...

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