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Re: Autopilot install with a switch

Originally Posted by mitiempo View Post
On a SPST switch it doesn't matter. You are connecting one side with the other.

This is a SPST

This switch is a SPDT and the center is the input.

Charlie's book could turn out to be a best seller.

Forgot the sarcastic font again. Sigh.

Dead short was the wrong term as it referred to a circuit, I rescind that statement.

What I was so awkwardly trying to get at was that it is just a basic switch, there are no options, off no continuity, on continuity. It just closes a gap, there are only two ways it can fail, open or closed. If you put that between the poles of a battery, and have to ask a community forum what is wrong, maybe electrical just isn't for you.

With another user suggesting they test this switch as it could be broken from factory, when the OP has :

A: Proof it works (almost melted ring terminal to battery)
B: Clearly no clue what he is doing.

This only furthers to confuse the problem, people who don't know how to troubleshoot telling people that have no knowledge or concept what to do.

It isn't that difficult, but the consequences for failure can be dire.

If you had absolutely no clue how to put in a thru hull would you just come and drill a hole in your boat?

How many fires on board are attributed to shoddy electrical?

Not only are you risking your personal health and safety, but you risking damage to other peoples property as well as their health and well being. Is that really worth not learning how to do it right? Or pay someone to do it?

When your boat burns down and writes off mine next to it and all I receive for that is actual cash value for my 5ksb? Thanks, I really appreciate it. Didn't work hard for that at all.
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