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Re: Beaufort South Carolina no longer a free anchor

joe, without playing sealawyer, what the State of Florida thinks can be meaningless. Federal waterway, federal law, federal courts, and if anyone disagrees, including the States, they can go argue with the Feds. You know who usually wins, it just takes some time before all the appeals get thrown out.

Now what the status of bottomland is in Florida may be something else again, not all bottomland is private, federal, public, or any other specific property. That varies too, and that's also all settled long under the laws. Florida? As the fairly new Archbishop of Miami said at his first public speech, "It is so nice to be so close to the continental United States"[sic]. Florida, coming from Spain and only a recent and less than totally enthusiastic member of the Union, has it's own peculiar ways and if they keep selling swampland to dumb Yankees, sooner of later they'll pay the piper as those Yankees are accustomed to voting. Or at least, to getting a good price for their votes. Hell, you know, these damned Yankees are actually raising taxes in an attempt to PAVE the streets, and forcing the young ones into SCHOOLS when they could be out working the fields. And they've made so much competition for housing, why, you can't hire maids or gardeners anymore unless you actually pay them!

I'm confused by what I thought was a discussion of converting an anchorage to a mooring field, when the permit calls only for expanding an existing mooring field. That alone could force a postponement, if there was in fact no prior mooring field but the city was asking for a non-existent field to be expanded??
There's also mention of fish and shrimp, one might ask the USACE if the environmental impact study considered what the toxic copper bottom paint from 49 moored vessels was going to do to them. If that wasn't could boomerang and restrict the field size, or a mooring field could be denied completely. You need to find regular players in this game, and invite them to join in.
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