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Re: $3000/mo cruising budget

Originally Posted by Group9 View Post
Well, there you go. We obviously have differently designed systems. My electric head has a built in macerator. I also have a macerator on the pump out for the holding tank, as well as for the pump out for the holding tank of the aft manual head (which does not have an integral macerator).

Once you take a few of these things apart, you learn that kind of thing.

And, I grew up in Mississippi and we're probably a little more heat and humidity tolerant that people from farther up north. I've got an air conditioner, and I've had them on other boats, too, but the boat I have now, is the first boat I ever had with one I could run anywhere but at the dock.

Believe me, if you don't have AC you learn pretty quick how to anchor to get the breeze and to avoid the no-see-ums.

Yeah right. For some reason, I thought this thread was about reality instead of theory. Brother, boating and cruising is all i have done my adult life and had kids aboard damn near birth over thirteen years ago!

When a boater mentions a macerator pump, it is generally assumed the pump which dumps the crap out of your holding tank. My electric heads also have a macerator, but not all electric heads do (or did you know that???). It was the macerator on the black water tank which failed. The seal between the motor and the pump broke and was leaking crap water into the boat. That is an immediate break-fix unless you don't mind your boat smelling like an outhouse. If you are ok with that, fine.

I grew up in East Texas where 90 plus days over 100 were common and the asphalt melts and throws up on your car. I understand heat too. But i have zero interest in surviving on my boat. This is supposed to be fun, right? So when it is not fun we find a way and place to fix it. Even the die-hards down here that grew up down here have a problem with the heat. You want to come down here and sleep in your sweat and anchored out to save a buck... Fine. Maybe you should consider going back to the 500 thread? This is supposed to be about reality and fun. Come spend a decade down here anchored out and then you or anyone else can lecture me about not needing ac. I am 14 years cruising this coast and running and giving you guys reality instead of bs. You want BS, go read another thread.

I would also love to hear your wives comments about sleeping in your sweat for time on end. Lets see how that works out for ya. And my kids probably have more time offshore and cruising on a boat than everyone on the thread added up.

I thought this thread was about reality???? I have been up front that what i do and the costs and that may not be what everyone does, that is fine. I have no problem with that. But if you would rather me blow smoke and give you the party-line from the magazines, brokers, or those whose cruising has been in summed into months versus years, i can do that too. My point was to give you real costs and instead of a shred of appreciation, i get crap about not knowing what the hell i am doing when my kids know more about boating than probably everyone on this thread.

In fact, the more i think about it, all you rich guys cruising on more than $500 a month are unrealistic and need to read my newest fiction novel. It is called, "rich guys suck and you can cruise the world like a king on $500 if you know how to anchor out in the wind."

Best seller that. May not get a lot of buyers for the second edition though.

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