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Re: $3000/mo cruising budget

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
We have 4 aboard, not 2 as you well know. And as you well know from fb, we are sitting still in marathon because we have finally met a large group of kids and the boys love it here. Can i move on? Absolutely. Will I? Not yet. My kids love it here.

I have been very upfront about our circumstances. However, i dont agree with you on the water usage. But we will leave it at that. I gave this thread our reality which was quickly crapped on. So my newest line is that anyone who cannot cruise on $500/month has issues.
sorry about the tone, didnt come out the way I thought it would.
I still dont think a family of 4 would need a watermaker for coastal cruising. What is your tankage? We saw a half dozen kid boats anchored in Newport harbor this summer. If water access is what is keeping you tied to the dock, you need to rethink that. As I mentioned, there are plenty of town docks you can pull the boat up to and fill water tanks. In Newport they have a water float in the middle of the harbor. Free water.
Saw kid boats in the Bahamas where water is harder to come by but they were making do.

I jumped on this because you seemed to be inferring a boat with 4 people couldnt coastal cruise without suffering a water shortage. Again, between fuel stops where water is available, free town docks where water is available and an occasional stop at a marina where you can wash the boat and fill up...there is quite a bit of water accessable. If you're burning thru 50 gallons a day then you need to stay tied to the dock.

I think it is necesssry for people to differentiate between livaboard at the dock vs cruising. Big difference in lifestyles and costs
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