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Patching water tank?

So, on the Catalina, I have two tanks. One in the bow, near the sail locker, the other in the main cabin, on the starbord side, under the berth.

The second one was not installed, when I bought the boat. The PO lived aboard, needed space for crap.

I took tank #2 home to clean it, and noticed some hard caulk / silicone / something from a tube on one wall of the tank.

So, this might be a patch, it might be spillage from a sucky repair job above the tank, or perhaps a bird with a peculiar digestive problem got down below. Who knows?

Let's assume patch. My inclination is to remove the patch, inspect, and do something better / bulletproof. It's about 1" round blob, maybe 1.5"

Tank material is plastic, polystyrene (?), whatever the translucent material is that they make milk bottles out of these days.

My guess is that this is the one matereial epoxy won't stick to.

I know some of you will tell me to buy another one, but boat funds aren't what they once were.

Thanks, boyz.

ps. cleaning...guessing 1:10 bleach / water solution, let soak 24 hours...with brush inserted in via fitting?

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