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Re: Beaufort South Carolina no longer a free anchor

Originally Posted by RichH View Post
So, here we have 180+ posts about a teeny harbor in a very nice southern town that has a marina with space for 50 boats at long-dock slips (@$1.80/ft), a harbor that has low density anchoring crowding out the harbor, and a proposed 30 moorings to make the density of boats not at slips more efficient.
We've discussed the rights of the proletariate, the absolute unabridged greed of capitalism and cronyism of the municipal government, the tyranny of the commons, and the thuggery of water cops with radar guns vs. boaters (ending in ~2009).

On the otherside of the alternative universe, Beaufort SC is a wonderful town, filled with extremely polite and friendly people (for the most part) ... unlike some places to the 'north', the folks in Beaufort will look you in the eye and sincerely wish you Good Morning, etc.; has some very good 'down home' restaurants and shops, etc.; is 'safe'; and is welcoming; plus, the cost of night's tie up is quite reasonable.
I suggest you actually stop off at Beaufort for a day or two before you complain about something that in total effect may simply be 'trivial'.

More moorings, .... I say great!!!! Maybe I can pick one up when the municipal marina is at full capacity. I havent seen a water cop-thug looking for easy bust money / 'wakes' from transient boater prey-species since 2009 ... although its a physical impossibility to NOT have a wake when moving 'anything' through the water at ANY speed above ZERO; and as I did one time very carefully explain to the local justice of the peace, who fully agreed with me.

If on the AICW - Beaufort, SC ... not to be missed, even if you have to anchor behind Ladies Island and 'dinghy yourself' to town.

Good post, Rich... As I've said previously, I very rarely wind up stopping in Beaufort, but it has always been a pleasure doing so, it's a very nice town...

I'd recommend to anyone doing so, make a stop in Hemingway's Bistro, a very cruiser-friendly hangout... Not certain if they're still doing it, but they used to have a great Thanksgiving dinner for any snowbirds who happened to wind up in Beaufort for Turkey Day...

Herringways Bistro

Introduce yourself to the proprietor, Andina Foster, who also is the inventor of the original Battery Combiner, and runs the marine electrical business Yandina Marine Electronics... No vendor in the marine industry stands behind their products better than Yandina, wonderful people to deal with, and their website is a great source of information and advice, their 'Projects' page is well worth a look for any Do-It-Yourselfer...

Yandina Marine Electronics

I've never done it, but one spot I'd be tempted to anchor off Beaufort is in that slue that bisects the large marsh south of town, across the channel from the marina... I passed thru there once with a trawler at high tide, it's a bit shoal at the top end, but there's plenty of water thru the rest of it, and you'd be by yourself and out of the river traffic in there, and closer to town than being over in Factory Creek - which I suspect is gonna become a pretty tight/crowded anchorage once the mooring field is in place....

I still think there will be plenty of room on the outside of the bend in the river to the west of the mooring field, but the spot I'm referring to is right near the bottom of the image below, directly underneath the "Surfaced Ramp" notation...

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