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Hearing stories of what happened, and even speculation about what might have happened, allows us to plan for different circumstances. I particularly enjoyed reading all of the blogs by Skip & Lydia and the Flying Pig (Morgan 461) that beached in Marathon in February. Part of what I appreciated in their case was their willingness to admit and talk about their mistakes – and there were a number of them. It helped that they were both good writers. It was helpful to appreciate the range of emotions they felt; fear, despair, anger, hope, and appreciation.

I agree that mistakes were probably made by the boats this week. Or as has been mentioned, mistakes were made by their captains and some of the crew may have just been along for an unfortunate ride. But if we all wait until we are beyond making mistakes to venture out, we will never go. The weather can be a deadly enemy and when we go out we all know we could encounter danger of the highest order. It sounds like the weather was expected to be bad, but it probably exceeded the strength of the initial forecasts, and some might have realized they made a bad call.

I for one am trying to spend time getting to know weather patterns - what's predicted to happen and what could happen. Hopefully by doing that I reduce the chances of heading out into a disaster.
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