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Re: Solar powered cooling

Originally Posted by deltaten View Post
Going a bit tangential; but what about the old, camper shell ammonia reefers?
I seemta recall that they took no power..were all gravity/ambient temp operated??
A co-worker had an old truck camper with what appeared to be an ice chest. Some old fella tuned him into what-was-what and all he needed was to turn it upside-down for a few days and it worked again!

Am I wrong in that rememberance? Is there suchan animal? I *know* there's propane-heated reefers....lotsa Amish and RV dealers about here If ther'd be a no power/heat unit; that would be tthe cat's cojones
As mentioned above, ammonia was a pretty common refrigerant at one time. I ran a refer ship that had ammonia refrigeration and it was very efficient, but extremely dangerous.
I doubt that I'd want it in my boat, even in a self contained unit.
The best refrigeration system I've ever had was a propane refrigerator. Very inexpensive to buy, completely self contained (no cooling pump) maintenance free and it burned EXACTLY 20# of propane every 30 days. It was on a trimaran, which of course didn't heel much, but it functioned perfectly, even in the roughest of weather, deep sea. I would go back to it if I thought it would work on a monohull, but I doubt that it would. I do not understand why every room-a-ran out there does not use propane refrigeration. A shame indeed.
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