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Re: composting toilet-should we do it

We also have a C-Head, decided on it after a tedious amount of research on all sorts of waste treatment options, and so far, after over a year and a half, are quite pleased with it. It is compact, lightweight, sturdy, requires no special carpentry or platform, and its construction is blessedly simple. It's easy to empty, easy to maintain It isn't 'gross' or unsightly, and certainly nowhere near as objectionable as sewage-permeated hoses and pumpout stations. Ugh! The learning curve for its use is no steeper than that for any other marine head. Ours doesn't have any odor at all. It is easy to use. Due to the rather shallow bowl men DO have to sit to use this gadget-- or head for the lee rail. No two ways about that. But then real sailors generally do, right? We haven't had any gnat infestation, but I should think a quick spritz with Raid, and a bit of airing out would cure that. Have also heard that a sprinkling of diatomaceous earth in the peat kills larvae. Also, perhaps using a medium other than garden-center peat might be worthwhile. Removing the containers takes all of 30 seconds, tilting up the seat, lifting the milk jug out, and, if necessary the solids container, dumping and replacing. Easy as can be. I don't understand the objection to the 'small' container. For one thing, a larger one takes up precious space, and for another, who wants to save that stuff, and why?
If you're far out at sea, it's perfectly legal to dispose of it overboard. If you're inland, dump the solid lumps into a plastic bag and pour it into a shoreside toilet, pour it onto a dedicated compost pile, or put a permanent lid on the bucket and chuck it in the nearest dumpster. Urine is as easy as screwing the lid on the disposable (free) gallon plastic jug and pouring it out at the next opportunity. So far, we arent seeing the downside of this thing, and are grateful that we won't have to fix broken mascerators, worn flapper valves, or burned-out pumps. To each his/her own!
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