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We all have dreams, but are they realistic dreams?
I don't know, there's some guy sailing around the globe three times with a young lady as a companion, that kinda sounds like a dream to me. Not very bright, but still a dream.

Good luck dude, persue it some more, see what kind of response you get.
Just don't be surprised when you don't get the responses that you are looking for.
Like the owner of the boat you wish to procure, or the other seven strangers you want to spend two years with, or the insurance broker, when they look at you and say, "What are you crazy?"

Thats all part of dreaming.
Maybe someday it will happen.

I mean come on, you had to expect this kind of response.

If it were that easy or realistic, it would have been done before.

I know you are set in your ways and not looking for suggestions, but if you want adventure of a life time, take a year or two off (not many people can offord to do it; thats why its called dreaming) and sign on as a crew aboard one of the tall ships that has such programs already in place.

Sail the high seas, climb the main mast, sit in the crows nest.
No wait...... thats my dream.
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