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Originally Posted by sailingdog

I'd be curious as to know what you're sailing background/experience is?

It really seems that you don't have much of a clue of the problems involved in having eight people in close proximity—and any affordable sailboat is going to be close proximity—for extended periods of time.

Hot bunking is done on racing boats, but almost never on cruising boats, as it is really not practical.

If you do manage to find an owner dumb enough to help finance your scheme, trying to do it with six or more, otherwise unconnected, and complete strangers is unlikely to succeed at best. While I applaud your goal of helping other people get out there... they don't know you from Adam... and they have little reason to want to go with you.

If each of the six-to-eight people is an equal partner in this venture—are you going to form a corporation to own the boat, or draw up a tontine agreement for all involved?

Who is ultimately responsible for the ship? There can be only one captain—so how do you get six-to-eight people to agree who should be that person? Most countries hold the captain of the ship legally responsible for the actions of their crew... are you willling to be legally and financially responsible for six-to-eight relative strangers???

Most of the real horror stories that come out from cruising have little to do with pirates....and mostly to do with crew incompatibilities... What is the chance of getting six-to-eight people who can tolerate each other in close proximity for two years, that are otherwise unknown to each other... and are willing to risk paying a fairly sizeable amount of cash to do so, with little in the way of recourse should one of the others be a complete sociopath.

Also, you are literally going to be trusting these strangers with your life, if you hit any bad weather, or have an emergency on board, like getting holed by a floating piece of debris... and not all people react well in such a situation.

$15000 can go a long way to buying a bluewater capable sailboat like an Alberg 30 or Westsail 32. It is far more likely that you can find one or two people that you are compatible with long-term... than it is to find five-to-seven people.

I'd also point out that if you're mentioning being 18 years sober... it means that you are either a recovering drug addict or alcoholic... not exactly a stellar example to start with.

"I'd also point out that if you're mentioning being 18 years sober... it means that you are either a recovering drug addict or alcoholic... not exactly a stellar example to start with"

Well no **** sherlock....
You are without a doubt the biggest nit-wit on this board.
it's beyong me why people skim over what i type and assume im begin some
jerk, when i said a few times if you cant take a joke take a hike.

Some of you folks need too get off your ass and get out away from the computer a week or so..... Also for all you who said i took the advice wrong,
I didnt... I was just trying too make a conversation. And when i was joked with, i did the same thing back..... Really,,,, you men call yourselfs sailors?
I think some of you need too put on some pants, and take of the panties!

As for my plans now, A fellow worker has a frined that has a boat thats looks
Interesting. Its a S&S yankee 30' Its been refurbished, and is in great condtion. And the boat is shrunk wrapped and not used. So i can get a great price on it. So im thinking that over now. Its not a westsail, 32 But it has a good rep. in its history. Ill prob. use it a year, and sell for the westsail 32.
Really thanks all that had something worth reading too say, As for you other total scum bags who have nothing better too do but act like a jackass,
Ill give you free advice:

Go sit in a dark room, and ask yourself why i feel i need too put others down
and assume i know someone that i cant even see, or talk too? IF you can get past that (Prob. NOT) then ask how you can change too become a more friendly person. belive me life is much better treating people with repect rather
then hate. I really feel sorry for a few of you.

Take care people.
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