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Re: $3000/mo cruising budget

Enjoying the thread. Some musing to share...

We are on the boat all summer, but it's much farther north. We have a 12v fan over each berth, which does the trick. As everyone knows, when on a hook, the boat is always pointed into the wind. There is nothing like a cool breese from a hatch that's open 45 degrees, deflecting the clean fresh wind onto your face. I have a cord going up to the hatch to pull it closed if it rains. Just got a stick for re-opening it, but haven't used it yet. Now that's good sleeping.

If I get A/C, it will be to keep the boat dryer and the humidity lower. No need to be much cooler here. And I'll take the big air space over the headliner boards and put some "next generation" insulation up there. I'm a huge believer in insulation. Insulation gives you options.

I do wonder if there's a way to do A/C on the hook. Maybe that big wonderful awning (as mentioned above) could be a big flexible solar panel. Then just run the A/C during the day. I'm pretty sure cycling the batteries every night to run an A/C would quickly turn them into bricks. I just bought a household de-humidifier for the boat, that runs at about 268 watts. With 500 watts of solar, I could run that for a while each day.

One of the major costs of our "fine dining" is aluminum foil. It's amazing how much you use when cooking for family and friends over the coals of a beach fire. For potatos, wrap them like a tootsie-roll. First wrap one end then put a handful of clean seawater in, then close the other side. They end up perfectly salted.

Burgers are easy. Open the foil to add cheese, but watch for igniting the bit of captured grease. We call these burgers "Falcon burgers" since we started doing it when we met up with Falcon Riley (of "Education of a Falcon" fame). It is (and he is) everyone's favorite.

Not sure we could get away with these cookouts at an anchorage down in the keys, on those skinny beaches. I'm thinking it's one of the reasons why it costs more to anchor where there are a lot of people, where others park their cars. ...and that cruising on a bigger budget lets you be closer to 1st world civilization, with A/C, hospitals, stores, professional entertainment.

It's winter. Can't wait 'til summer.


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