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Re: Beaufort South Carolina no longer a free anchor

One can only wonder whether a 'cruising boat' burning up yesterday in the Miami Beach anchorage might renew the pressure for more 'regulation' of the popular anchorage south of the Venetian causeway...

Fire Destroys Sailboat, Kills Pet Near Monument Island CBS Miami

This is one of my favorite anchorages in S Florida, it's a great staging spot for crossing to the Bahamas. Very convenient to a large Publix market, drug, hardware & liquor stores, Post Office, you name it. Close to Lincoln Road, and all the attractions of Miami Beach, and the setting is spectacular, as metropolitan anchorages go. Endless parade of watercraft, one's girl-watching glasses will get a good workout around here... :-)

The spot most choose to anchor is in the lee of the high-rise condos, close to shore. I generally choose to anchor much further out, near Monument Island, where I'm always by myself.

There are a few drawbacks to the more popular anchorage, the primary one being some weird tidal current swirls in that area. Boat traffic generally passes close aboard, so you can see a lot of wakes there, it's noisier, and being so close to those high rises, I always feel my cockpit might be subject to some 'prying eyes' from some balcony 18 stories up :-) My wind generator produces more amps anchored out in the open... And finally, I'd prefer to distance myself from some of the other 'cruisers' who inhabit the anchorage closer in...

I've always been surprised by some of the boats in there, given their proximity to some very high-dollar real estate... There has been one large, very unsightly rusting steel-hulled boat with no mast that has been anchored there for years, and a smattering of other boats that appear to be teetering on the verge of derelict status...

The report is that the owner of the boat that burned yesterday had "multiple boats" anchored there... Also, that his dogs "barked all the time"... Yeah, I'm familiar with the type, hence my preference for anchoring off more by myself... :-)

This incident cannot be good news for cruisers, given the uneasy truce that has been established between the city of Miami Beach and the cruising community in recent years. Miami Beach had one of the most restrictive anchoring ordinances/policies prior to the Florida Supreme Court ruling on anchoring several years ago that struck down such local laws, but an incident like this will only provide more ammunition for the local residents to 'clean up' the anchorage, and rid the area of some of their 'less desirable' neighbors...

Sadly, we only have 'one of our own' to thank for whatever closer scrutiny or regulation is likely to come...

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