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Re: $3000/mo cruising budget

Originally Posted by Sal Paradise View Post
This thread is sort of inching towards a point I wanted to make;

Rather than ask " How much does it cost to cruise?" Ask-

What does $3000/ month look like where I want to go? What does this budget get me?

Then a local or someone with experience could fill you in. For instance, where I am on the Hudson we get a lot of cruising boats, almost all of them well off middle class to super rich.

For $3000/month in the summer you could stay in a marina with showers, a pool, restaurant --a true full service country club with picnic tables... you could eat out twice a week, and take the train into NYC once or twice a month for sight seeing and have money left over for beer. You would find friendly people barbecuing and drinking in the evenings and bands playing. And a laundry right there for you. You could sail in the "bays" which are the wider parts of the river, about 1-2 miles across. There are usually racing clubs you could probably crew with. You could rent a car to get up into the mountains to hike or just see the countryside and shop for cheap food and supplies. There are lots of farm stands . But you'd spend every penny of that $3k doing it.

For $500 a month, you'd probably be anchored on the river some place you could hitch hike or walk down the railroad tracks to a convenience store to get overpriced groceries and maybe a case of cheap beer. Some locals might look upon you suspiciously if you anchor too often in front of their property. In my younger days we'd anchor anywhere and I remember one little wooded beach where a homeowner had his German Sheppard chase us off. If you come ashore in one of those odd places you had better be smiling and cheerful and try to make friends. People are shallow so it would really help if you looked good in a bikini. And because you anchored out a lot, the 57 varieties of local cops plus the CG would all get to know you - one at a time, one way or another. If you were legal, most of them would be polite about it. The jokes about how your boat smelled or how you flushed your toilet would influence how you were treated. Laundry would be sketchy. Its possible at a few marinas to base your dingy cheaply and moor the boat but that might cost you more than you can afford.

Did I paint you two different pictures of the same place? Which one feels like your thing?
So with your $3000/month budget on your C22... that should go a long way right? It's good you stay on this thread rather than the $500/month thread since on your small yacht you'll be welcomed anywhere you go... right?

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