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Re: How do you feel about catamarans?

I can't stand a "leaner."

First, well, they LEAN. I find it exceptionally uncomfortable that when the monohull is on its best performance, I am suffering from cricked knees trying to find some sort of position that, if I'm standing, I'm on an uphill, and if sitting, I'm braced against something to keep from falling to the other side. Eew.

They roll. I find the motion of a monohull dizzying. A multihull may pitch, but at least it's just fore-and-aft. In a monohull, I'm bouncing fore, aft, and side-to-side. Eew.

No room on deck to work, banging your toes on the deck fittings. It's an exercise in gymnastics to get from one end of the boat to another, on a monohull. Ouch.

No room in the master areas. I've got heads bigger than a lot of monohull salons.

I don't care about pointing, but I have found that to mostly be a myth. I had an F-27GS trimaran that at least in the races I've been in against monohulls, outpointed most of them. My cruising cat doesn't fall that far below monohull pointing ability, but a bit of footing off and I'm way faster anyway.

A lot of the monohull assertions against cats are repeated here, and most are frankly crap. I've never found it to be difficult or particularly expensive to find dockage, at least from Virginia to Mississippi. Most of the assertions about cat performance are about cats which are either overloaded or sailed by ex-leaner sailors who frankly don't know how to sail multihulls, I've seen plenty of that.

What is true, though, is that even though a multihull would invert and not return, they are very, very unlikely to sink. You roll over a leaner and the rig will be wiped. If, and that is a big if, the keel stays intact, you are then in rough seas with a pendulum at the bottom of your already rolly platform which from the accounts I've read (get an early version of Coles "Heavy Weather Sailing") is an extremely nasty experience. And if holed, the leaner will certainly sink.

Solon, really, if you just spend some time Googling, there are myriad, myriad threads about this on all sailing fora. Most have devolved into arguments.
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