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Re: $3000/mo cruising budget

Originally Posted by svzephyr44 View Post
Let me take this backwards. I think that one reason this thread goes all over the place is that our assumptions of the definition of "cruising" is all over the map.
I think Roger gets closer to asking the right question. As I posted here earlier (in one of my rare appearance in this thread), the reason these threads rarely produce useful numbers is b/c people are comparing apples to orangutans. There is no general answer. It depends...

It depends on:
  • each person's lifestyle,
  • the size of boat,
  • the age of boat,
  • crew size and age,
  • their lifestyle choices,
  • where they are cruising,
  • how they are cruising,
  • their schedules,
  • etc, etc, etc.
To answer to the "how much does it cost" question you first need to specify all these things, and probably a lot more. Or to borrow from fine literature, you need to know the Ultimate Question before you can understand the Ultimate Answer .

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