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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Same boat, different perspective. As I have said perspectives can be as misleading as real views if you look at the boat at a particular angle. this is the same boat that actually is just a project. The project is made in 3D in a computer and the computer can generate all the views you want...all correct but from different point of views and thatīs what you have there. I am used to work with those perspectives and I have no doubt about that boat.

If you still have doubts count the stanchions and you will see that they match on both perspectives or on the lateral view.

The boats you posted (same hull different cabins) are viewed from different angles. I don't understand why you insist. I took all the images from the same presentation, sent by the NA cabinet to a Luxury Charter firm.
why should i COUNT the stanchions? i was talking about the distance between them which varies in the perspective just too much...
and the angle in which the renders have been done on the two images i posted, is really too marginal to have such an great effect...
i do not doubt you, or the NA but i know what can and is done with advertising images - trust me on that, if you do not trust my or your own eyes...
open the image in paint, lay the ruler and grid over the image and then count the horizontal pixels between stanchion #1 and #2 (73 px)
and between stanchion #4 and #5 (60 px) although all of those are on almost the same height, meaning almost parallel to the observer... that is just too much!
the good designer overdid it on the special effects and exaggerated the whole thing just that bit too much to look pleasing.
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