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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
I don't know. I have a TV on my boat (come with the boat) but never use it. But when I can I will upgrade the quality of the stereo sound: That's what I like on the sailboat. At home on the winter I see lots of TV but on the boat I have always something better to do, including reading that I don't do much at home. A case of double personality

I agree with you that different cruisers have different needs and a choice of a cruising boat is influenced by the interior but for me (and my wife) the one of the Opium 39, Salona 38 or the new version of the XP 38 is good enough (even if we had a boat with a slightly bigger interior).

I could think of having a boat like the Pogo 12.50 (in what regards interior) if they put doors on it but my wife you not go with it. I certainly can understand that your family has another needs and having the family happy and together is very important to me and I certainly would consider that as very important while choosing a sailboat.

Probably what would satisfy you and your family is a boat that does not exist yet but that for what I have heard will fit your criteria, the one that is going to substitute the Azuree 40, if we took for comparison the new 46.


Yes, and the reason for me having the Opium 39 is of course that it by far is best in fullfilling all the different evaluating criterias we put on a boat.

But not all and that boat does not exist and probalby will never do either. But one should always keep an open mind

Also, those criterias change over time. And evaluation goes on in boat development.

As you perhaps remeber we looked closely on the Azuree 40 the last time, we where only one night from signing the ready made contract. I do not regret that we did not and a new version might be interesting again. I am afraid though that they might make the silly misstake many yards do and make i 1203 cm instead of 1199cm, or 403 cm wide instead of 399 cm. Could mean a lot of extra costs - for instance the new greece cruising tax and harbour fees.

We always have had the philosophy that we should make the boat trips as enyoable for the whole family as possible. Now I am lucky and have a family that loves speed and high winds but still we need to have things to do when at anchor. Bikes, kites, windsurfers, inlines, TV are things that make us the only family in our social context that have a 16 year old son that is more than willing to sail all weekends from early april to end of spemteber, and 2 months every summer

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