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Re: The futur Azuree 40

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
This new boat has nothing to do with the previous one, except the program. Regarding the existent model I really did not like too much the overall design (not referring to the type of boat) but what would put me away was a low AVS and a stability curve with not a good proportion between positive and negative stability. A boat that in my opinion should have more ballast to better those two aspects. A pity since the boat had a great interior.

Of course I only know what the lady from the Turkish shipyard (not dealer) had told me in Dusseldorf: That the 40 would be substituted soon by a Rob Humphreys that is known to make seaworthy boats.

Maybe you get lucky with the dimensions of the new boat. The Actual Azuree 40 has a hull with 11.99m a beam of 4.22m a draft of 2.6m and a B/D ratio of 25%. It is a bit better than on the Oceanis 38 given the bigger draft (same type of keel) but even so, low for a performance boat.

The Azuree 46 has a hull with 13.99, a beam almost identical to the 40fter (4.25m), the same draft, the same type of keel and a B/D ratio of 38%. That is a huge difference even considering that the 40' is proportionally more beamy.

I believe he will follow the same proportionality on the new Azuree 40 so you would have a 11.99m hull, if you are lucky 3.99 beam and also a comparable B/D ratio, one that will make the boat have a decent AVS a nice stability curve and that with a considerable hull form stability will gibe a very stiff and powerful boat. A very different boat regarding the actual one, except on the very good interior, I hope.

Regarding the dimensions you are absolutely right about the importance regarding price in marinas but not regarding the new Greek tax, at least in what regards visiting boats. I have been looking at it because I will sail there this year. In fact it is quite stupid since a boat with 13 meters can actually pay less than a boat with 11.99m that stay there for a month or too (boats between 7 and 12 meters have to pay for a year but boats with more than 12 meters can pay monthly).


You have no information when Azzuree will release the new 40 footer?