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Re: Interesting Sailboats

Bob, all this posts of yours were made in a week. Only a blind man would not see a pattern.

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Yes, your holyness. Once again you are so right.
I am so sorry to have an opinion.
Bob P.
Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
"That does not mean that looking at a particular and localized period of time the opposite is not also true, with particular relevance some decades ago, meaning that some sailboat, particularly, cruiser-racer designs (that are always influenced in some extent by the existent rating), were heavily influenced by the distortions created by rating, trying to take the better deal out of it. "

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Both of those cabin trunks are not very good looking.
Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Vimey is correct.
Perhaps this 3D model was prepared just a a sales tool, i.e. it's a pretty picture.
I have done that too.
But the type of 3D modeling I prefer can be used as a file for CNC cutting so it has to be dead acurate. This is a builder's tool and not just a sales tool.
Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
I work with a team of specialists. I have an engineer, a fellow who is an expert at deck layouts and electronics and Jody Culbertson III an expert in 3D modelling. Each member of the team is given his asignment. Jody happens to be very good with 3D. ….

Now you can go on getting all upset anytime I post but I can assure you I am not going away. Time for you to HTFU.
Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
"That's interesting but vague."
You are funny Paulo. How can calling a boat "the worst boat they have ever tested" be vague? It seem extremely definitive to me, anything but "vague".
Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
Wow Paulo! I think it's time for you to relax.
I was remarking that the original comment seemed very emphatic and specific about the boat under review at the time. I could see no ambiguity in it. That's all. No need to get all personal and smarmy.
I visit this thread more than any other thread. I enjoy this thread. I like to see boats that I would probably not get to see in US publications.
"I guess your hate for the success of this thread makes you blind."
Is just another snide personal attack.
Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
I'm going to have to disagree with you on "personal attacks". Your's are not direct but they are there as subtle insinuations and sometimes less than subtle. To deny that is disingenuous. But I don't mind. I'm confident and I feel no need to be defensive. This is just boat talk to me and I'm not going to get all upset about it. I like a good hearty debate about naval architecture. It's a way to learn.

As for "hating" the thread, why don't you count how many time I have hit the 'like button". I think it tells a different tale from the tale you would like others to believe. I would guess that I hit "like" more or as much as anyone here. There is much design work I admire here.
No need to get your knickers in a twist if I object to something. I'm just one voice here.

Nobody found the cabins designed by that NA particularly ugly, everybody understood what I wanted to say about rating and hull design and a simple look to that boat would make you understand that it was ridiculous that a credible boat magazine had said that it was the worse boat they ever tested. Yes Robelz was vague and I explained why, asking him to be more specific about what boat and model that statement refers too. Obviously that statement was not referred about the boat I was talking about.

You seem to think that this thread is about you and that what I say is kind of directed to you. It is not. I can’t care less about what you think about it. I am a direct person and I say what I think. I am not rude (or at least I try) and I don’t do personal attacks.

Regarding the likes, it is obvious that many like this thread otherwise it would not attract thousands of visitors each day. The fact that you insist into giving more “likes” than everybody else is annoying, deliberate and makes no sense. Please stop with that and see if you can moderate your contribution to a more positive level, actually posting about interesting contemporary boats or features instead of keeping with that attitude whose purpose is clear.

Many contribute with interesting post to this thread. You are surely the one that has more meaningless or offensive posts and never contributed with nothing new and interesting to it.

You limit yourself to discuss what I say. Nothing wrong with that, but it is certainly very little and much less than many other contributors that actually make with me this thread.



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