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You don't wrap it you flake it, side to side. Some velcro strips or bungee cord can help.
Before the ramp, get everything set up. ready to go, eg rudder on but up. Bungs in check - quite important.
On the ramp, landings have priority over launchings for obvious reasons.
Then it is a matter of order of arrival or readiness.
Backing can be tricky, depending on the size of the boat and visibility. Have a practise at this, several actually beforehand. If possible learn to back using your mirrors.
It can pay to have someone to hold the boat, depending if there are piers or not, certainly have a bow rope attached when you launch- it saves the boat disappearing.
Launch quickly, secure the boat, park and return quickly. All gear should be aboard.
Then clear the ramp, or dock as quickly as possible under motor.
Once well clear of surrounding traffic and the shore, you can go head to wind and hoist the sails, uncleated.
Preferably take someone experienced with you at first - it will be much less stressful.
If they are not experienced an extra pair of hands can be helpful, provided you explain what you want, eg hold the bow of the boat into the wind by pushing the tiller etc. Have a dry rehearsal at home.
Coming back you will probably drop the sails in clear space and motor in. Remember to lift the centreboard and rudder.
Some people will help some will be pigs.
Just try to be prepared so you don't hold up others, then you can get the space to learn.
I assume you know the collision regs and buoys?
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