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Originally Posted by superdave
how do you wrap the mainsail around the boom to be temporarily stored under the cover?
3 basic ways:

1) 'Flaking the sail' - this is accomplished by making an 'accordion' fold starting from the foot of the sail and working up, usually using the sail attachment points as the pivots for the 'flakes'. It is easiest to do alone from the end of the boom away from the mast, probably standing in the companionway on your size boat. It is also easiest to do with 2 people but with practice can be done with one. Most sailors do this. I don't like it because it puts a 'fold' in the sail at exactly the same point every time and also seems excessively anal retentive.

2) 'rolling the sail' - this is done by taking a big swoop at the bottom of the main and just rolling up the remaining sail into it like a big burrito, try it, it will become obvious how to do it. I prefer this method myself, and it can be easily done with one person. It is a bit harder to do with full battens than with partial.

3) 'bunch and tie' - I wasn't aware of this method until I moved into my new slip and took a look at the guy next to me. The sail cover was off and it looked like he just sort of took some bungie cords and wrapped them randomly about his doused main, hooking them nilly willy to different stuff. It sort of looks like my wife's hair right after she wakes up. I would not recommend this method, nor leaving a main uncovered all winter for birds to poop on and weird green stuff to grow on. I'll have to ask my boat slip neighbor why he chooses this method over the two above.

Welcome to SailNet and to the greatest (in terms of time and money) sport on the planet.
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